The current two party system continually shows its dysfunction. Scandals, shutdowns, big money lobbyist who influence the rule of law erode our government. We need something better. 

The Alliance Party is made up of civil minded citizens who want to return the power to the people. Our goal is to elect candidates who are driven to do what is best for the state and country using a common sense approach. Decisions on topics will be made based on merit, not party lines or whims of lobbyists

The Alliance party is a National party formed from a merger of the American Moderates, Modern Whigs, American party of SC, and other local and regional groups. During the merger, the top leadership from each party aligned to form a robust national party structure to support state and local candidates. It is a very exciting time to #BeAnAlly. 

We are currently looking for motivated individuals and influencers to fill State and county roles, run for office and help spread the word. There is no better time to join than now!

- Nick Kumburis

NJ State Chair

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